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The Star Wars universe has come to MuralDecal.com in some incredible wall stickers.

These Star Wars wall stickers feature both the latest film Episode VII: The Force Awakens and the originals, and will bring joy to all of the saga's fans, young and old

Come to the dark side of wall stickers!


Come to the dark side of wall stickers!


Sure we can give you some ideas to decorate your room.

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Decorate everything with decals

Vinyls are not just for decorating walls: you can decorate any smooth surface including glass, cabinets, doors, tiles, appliances ...

Wall decals are also for children

This product is perfect for children of all ages. Original drawings and colourful children's vinyls. The wall decals create a modern and youthful look.

The cheapest decorating option

If you compare the price per square foot for covering the same area with pictures or wallpaper, using decorative vinyl is the most budget-friendly option..

What Do You Get With Your Order?

Your sticker in a tube

Our stickers come perfectly packaged in tubes so that they don't get damaged by knocks or any other incidents.

A free squeegee

You get a free squeegee with your order so that you can put your vinyl up beautifully in your house.

Simple instructions

Detailed instructions so that putting up your stickers doesn't leave you with a headache. It's really easy!

Our stickers are made using top-quality materials. They have three layers, which will help you to effortlessly put them up on walls wherever and however you want.

How Do You Put Our Stickers Up?
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