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Multicolor sticker (12)

Original catalogue of decorative multicoloured stickersideal to give life to all those rooms that need it so much, as they are made in different shades, they will give all those people who are looking to brighten up their white walls or simply want a nice decoration, the opportunity to get that decorative atmosphere that they want and need so much.

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12 vinyl(s) found | See 99 per page

Make your rooms shine with our colourful vinyls which besides being manufactured with first class materials have the best prices in the market, so anyone can use them to decorate their homes and businesses with eye-catching elements.

Varied colourful vinyls.

Give a change of air to those boring spaces in your home with our multicoloured stickers which offer the most original and varied decoration of the market, because in our web we have different vinyl motifs to satisfy even the most demanding tastes, that's why you will get vinyls with coloured flowers, coloured birds, trees, height meters and many more designs.

Colourful, personalised and easy to install stickers.

Explore the large collection of coloured stickers that our website offers you and get the design that best suits your rooms, as well as offering you easy to install stickers, we give you the option to configure the finishes, materials, colours and sizes of your stickers, so that you receive a unique and totally personalised item.

Decorate all your favourite places with the multicoloured stickers in this section and forget about those expensive decorations, because with our coloured decorative stickers you will get a first class article with the lowest prices, thus being accessible to all publics.

Dare and surprise all your family and friends with a decoration of original vinyl and very special, as well as protecting your walls, our vinyls give the spaces a sensational feeling of warmth.

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