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4x4 Stickers (46)

Discover our extensive range of 4x4 stickers for any part of your vehicle - the bonnet, the sides, the rear, and even the glass. Our designs are totally exclusive. If you own an off-road vehicle and love the world's most exciting races like the Dakar or the Camel Trophy, then these funny 4x4 stickers are for you. Our designs feature mountains, tribal patterns, shading, torn letters, modern typography, and classic styles, offering a great variety.

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Our 4x4 truck stickers size is designed for off-roaders, motorbikes, buggies (now called Side by Side), quads, or even trucks. Any of these vehicles is ideal for displaying our adhesive vinyls, which are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, extreme temperatures, mud, rain, and high-pressure cleaning. Our 4x4 stickers enhance your competitive spirit.

Among our products, you will find:

- Sticker 4x4 wind rose.

- 4x4 compass sticker.

- 4x4 Jeep Sticker.

- Stickers 4x4 Dakar.

- Toyota 4x4 stickers.

- Suzuki 4x4 Stickers.

Both the Dakar and the former Camel Trophy symbolize mechanical and human resilience. Traversing the most inhospitable and challenging places has always been the ultimate world adventure on wheels. Our 4x4 off road stickers embody this spirit.

Countries like Senegal, Mali, France, Spain, Morocco, Chile, Bolivia, and many others have hosted the Dakar, while the Camel Trophy journeyed through Russia, Brazil, Zaire, Tanzania, Sumatra, Mongolia, and Papua New Guinea. Discover side stickers for 4x4 that evoke the spirit of jungles and deserts, perfect for vehicles with character.

MuralDeCal's range of 4x4 stickers is designed to enhance the character of your vehicle. We help you customize your vehicle with the essence of great tests and adventure. Our 4x4 stickers project determination onto your vehicle, whether on the plate or the windows.

Do you aspire to emulate legends like Peterhansel, Marc Coma, Ari Vatanen, or Carlos Sainz? If you are passionate about off-roading and want your car or motorbike to represent your spirit, choose from our custom 4x4 stickers. Adjust the size, colour, or finish to fit perfectly on your vehicle, defining its personality and transforming it into a pedigree kilometre eater, not confined to traffic lights and zebra crossings, but thriving amidst mud, adversity, and competition.

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