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Pop Art Wall Stickers (67)

Wide range of Pop Art stickers for interior decoration. The Pop Art or pop art is generated in the full process of shaping the consumer society, whose definitive impulse took place after the Second World War and the arrival of television.

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This artistic style was born as an attempt to make an art that would take into account the universe of symbols and themes of mass interest, i.e. "popular" symbols. It emerged as a current of rebellious art accessible to the masses, especially in Britain and the United States. It uses elements related to posters, advertising, comics, magazines, television or cinema, images belonging to the everyday mass media are now recontextualized. An artistic movement was then created in which texts and images could coexist perfectly, as well as repetition or series, generating an important change of artistic paradigm in the middle of the century. This movement is characterized by rejecting abstract expressionism and putting art back in contact with society using the routine factors that ordinary people had within their reach as Dadaism did, highlighting the value of everyday objects by turning them into works of art and also using unusual techniques such as collage, silk-screen printing or photography.

This variety of elements makes Pop Art a winning choice when it comes to decoration with art and culture stickers, and at MuralDecal we know that such a social language in contact with the everyday world is ideal to turn your space into a reflection of the contemporary environment, with Pop Art wall stickers uk that belong to the daily reality of our customers.

The following products will surprise you:

- Andy Warhol Wall Stickers

- Sticker from Lichtenstein

- Keith Haring Sticker

- Pop Art wall stickers

Brands that appear in people's real lives and elements that are very familiar to us are the perfect detail to decorate and personalize our environment. The original touch that the "popular" scenes bring to our environment is always a success and a way to symbolize the modern world, so the characteristics of Pop Art style are perfectly suited to the personalization of environments.

In our Pop Art wall sticker gallery you will find the most iconic images of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring or Roy Lichtenstein, precursors of the style. Enjoy your space with the most famous expressions of comics or with some of the most representative brands of the 20th century.

Get to know our varied collection of mythical and innovative works and designs by Andy Warhol, such as the Campbell's tomato soup can or the legendary Coca Cola bottle. From Klimt's famous tree of life to merged works such as the Elvis - Han Solo or the pixelated Mona Lisa.

Explore among everyday elements with a new perspective. A great variety of Pop Art vinyl stickers that will create a unique atmosphere with modernist and daring style sticker in your home. Get out of the classic and boring atmosphere with our range of the most representative Pop-art stickers and transform your site with a taste for the modern world.

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