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Wall Stickers Movies & TV (445)

Focusing on film lovers, MuralDecal offers a magnificent collection of more than 400 cinema wall stickers related to the world of television and cinema, featuring the best films and the most iconic actors.

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445 vinyl(s) found | See 99 per page

We offer our customers an extensive catalogue of wall sticker products that showcase the most popular themes, be they films, series, or television show vinyls. This includes the most iconic actors and characters from the classics of contemporary cinema and from national and international film history, delighting connoisseurs and fans of this art and entertainment world.

Along with our vast selection of stickers, vinyls and cinema wall decals, our articles come in various formats to cater to our users' personal tastes. The masterpieces of the cinematographic world can be transformed into wall stickers, adapted vertically or horizontally, in black and white or in color, in whole style formats, pictures, murals, or even in small stickers, always aligning with the client's preferences, focusing in this way on achieving the best possible decoration for each case.

We always aim to please our clients to the fullest. For cinema enthusiasts, it has never been easier to acquire wall decals cinema featuring their favorite stars and classic actors such as Charles Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and others. Film buffs can find the perfect decals based on major hits like Pulp Fiction, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and more. They can also select from genres like action, horror, suspense, or comedy, ensuring they have plenty of options for decoration.

This fantastic range of art and show business vinyls is perfect for film lovers who wish to express their admiration for these classics. Whether in their bedroom, lounge, car, van, or even bicycle, these vinyls can enhance any space. They're also perfect for decorating movie-themed bars and businesses, adding a fun and creative touch to any environment chosen by our clients.

That's why, with the variety of vinyl and cinema wall stickers offered by MuralDecal, movie enthusiasts can easily showcase their favorite characters and films in their cherished spaces, creating a striking and decorative ambiance that will certainly speak volumes.

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