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Skateboard Stickers (25)

Extensive collection of skateboard stickers from the most important brands in the world of skateboarding. Stickers of skateboard logos, from board or wheel manufacturers, to accessories such as helmets or protections, backpacks, bearings or even professional skating equipment recognized worldwide.

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Born in the 50's in California, skateboarding was conceived by some surfers who were forbidden to bathe, adding metal wheels to their surfboards to have fun on the asphalt. Since then, much has changed in this industry and many companies have emerged with the desire to create boards, wheels and accessories for the millions of skateboard lovers. An urban sport that has become a philosophy of life, and can be practiced both in empty pools and abandoned hangars and in spectacular pipes and skateparks around the globe. Spins and jumps considered works of art and an industrial development around the skateboarding aesthetics. All this shows that our wooden board with wheels is much more than a means of transport.

Discover the best brands on the market such as Independent, Volcom, Analog, Vans, Element, Flip or Santa Cruz. With a variety of applications of each logo you can decorate your board, car, motorcycle, or any corner of your home with these great designs. Enjoy the prestige of classic brands like Spitfire, Bones or Powell Peralta so you can feel like a skater at the level of the legendary Tony Hawk, the competitive Bob Burnquist or the legendary Steve Caballero. Pay tribute to a sport that has become Olympic thanks to its spectacularity and risk with the stickers that we put at your disposal today.

In Mural Decal we offer you a fantastic range of skateboard stickers that will show your passion for this sport, you can wear the best brands and images on your board or helmet while you slide on rails or break kerbs.

You will be able to choose between several versions of the same brand, with the possibility of choosing different sizes to adapt your idea to your support.

Remember that our skateboard stickers are laminated to increase their durability and to protect them from wear and tear. You can decorate your board or your helmet with a skateboard sticker.

The coolest skateboard stickers are in Mural Decal and are as much for helmet and skateboard as for decorating any other surface, such as vehicles, glass, walls or any other surface you can think of. Do not give up the reputation of the great icons of skateboarding and get one of our skateboarding stickers today through our website with the ease of our online service and the convenience of receiving the product in a few hours.

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