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Wall murals for school (63)

Wonderful category with an interesting assortment of school wall murals, kindergartens or nurseries with a children's or educational theme. It is the most fun way to decorate and for your children to learn while playing. Colourful alphabets or animals, Disney character designs, maps of the world with the native animals of each continent or fantastic scenes of animals, the universe or mythological beings.

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Wall decals for schools with educational themes.

In MuralDecal we have stickers for schools with maps of the world of all types, political world map, relief world map, physical world map, political world map, world map in English, terrestrial world map. The world map with its oceans and continents.

In addition to other more detailed school photo murals such as the political map of South America, the map of Africa, with its terrestrial reliefs, didactic, the political map of Europe. Ideal and more than necessary for decorating and learning in schools. But in addition to all this great amount of world maps, we have the ideal ones for the little ones, such as the map stickers with adventurers, or the vinyl maps with the most representative animals of all the places in the world.

We also have school wall mural such as the celestial planisphere, with all the planets and the constellations of the months of the year in English. We can also show the order of the planets orbiting around the sun in the solar system.

Stickers for schools in all styles.

A mural in which several unlit light bulbs are hanging, all except one, which is on. A subtle metaphor that encourages students to look for the meaning of things and to learn more and not be satisfied with learning just enough to pass.

Educational wall murals about Disney films or children's cartoons. Mickey Mouse, Pluto and all his friends enjoy a fun day at the amusement park and if you are looking for a wall decal for music classes don't worry, we also have a wall mural of Mickey as a conductor and the whole troop playing instruments in such a way that they complete this funny orchestra. You can also find in this wide category a Frozen mural or a mural of Lightning McQueen from Cars racing.

The classic Disney castle is a must in a category like this, and neither are the Disney princesses, all of them with pets in their hands. And speaking of animals and cinema, Bambi, a classic also has a place in a mural, along with his mother, Tambor and other friends. The macaws from Rio or the dog from Mascots are no less.

Photo murals for kindergartens, where you can locate and differentiate a large number of birds, all of them with their names in English. The importance of learning English is one of the priorities for students.

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