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Celtic symbols Stickers (10)

Discover our selection of Celtic stickers as a decorative element. The simplicity and delicacy of their drawings make these symbols of antiquity a very easy element to combine without overloading or saturating your space. We have Celtic adhesives very similar to tribal designs, with circular shapes such as the Trisquel, which represents balance and perfection, the Trinqueta with its spiritual concept, the typical Celtic cross or the tree of life. Fantastic images for both your home and your vehicle.

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Wall decals with different celtic motifs.

On our website you will find a lot of celtic motif stickers. Some of them correspond to the Celtic people that during the Iron Age inhabited the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. There are a lot of existing symbols but our page has managed to recapitulate some of the most popular ones turning them into magnificent vinyls to decorate your home.

Triquet symbol wall decals.

Among them we can emphasize the symbol of the triqueta. This figure is composed by three arches in triangular shape and probably in the mythology it was considered simply as something ornamental, decorative because it lacks of specific meaning. An element turned into a celtic adhesive vinyl, for places where we want a certain simplicity or minimalism.

Celtic cross sticker.

In our website you will also find the popular celtic cross of religious character. Maybe it is the most known element by everybody. In MuralDecal we have a great variety of designs and compositions of this cross. If you want to decorate the wall of your room and create a peaceful and quiet atmosphere this is your decorative vinyl.

Tree of life sticker.

If you want to give a change to your bedroom or living room you can choose if you prefer the tree of life, which was considered one of the most important symbols of the Celtic mythology. This celtic motif sticker probably has more religious connotation.

Here we are able to shape your idea and turn it into reality. The mysticism of this kind of products and the magic that we have in our work team makes that each celtic decorative sticker that leaves our workshop, becomes an illusion for each client. We create and you compose.

All our products are made with the best material on the market, a perfect celtic sticker and that is how we offer an unequalled quality. The vinyl has a great resistance to the passage of time as it does not lose properties once installed. If there is one thing that stands out, it is the ease of installation that the celtic self-adhesive vinyl we work with provides us.

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