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wall murals of Felines (17)

This section is dedicated to cats wall murals, where you can choose between different designs of wall murals with lions, tigers, panthers and cats. Our wall murals are made with the best materials, with a spectacular print quality. In addition, We also include simple instructions for its subsequent placement.

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Vinyl photo murals for all spaces


Choose the place where to place one of our cats adhesive photo murals, whether at home, in your bedroom, in the children's room, in the dining room, in the bathroom, in the hallway, maybe in your workplace, if it is a veterinary clinic or a pet shop it will look great, as well as being a great attraction if it is seen behind the shop window.

Cat photo murals on canvas or self-adhesive


Once you know the place and the size, we will go for the most important thing, the choice of the design of the cats vinyl wall mural, but first take into account the support you want, because you can choose between self-adhesive vinyl, which is the normal vinyl, the classic or if you want to give it a more elegant or vintage touch you can choose the canvas. Both for the same price.

Adhesive cat wall murals, we have from a cute kitten sleeping on a white background, which is ideal for a veterinary centre to a more childish one, in which the cat is on a roof, sitting, looking at us, it's night time and there it goes, with a sky illuminated by the light of the city that merges with the night, a big moon and several silver paper stars decorate it, perfect for the little ones' room in the house.

Feline wall murals for all tastes


Lion wall murals, the king of the jungle could not be missing, because in this category we have a large collection of different wall murals in which the protagonist is the lion:

-A detailed image of the face of a lion shows us its firm face and serious look, in the background we can see a sunset in the African savannah.

-A photo mural of a lion in black and white, with the detail that has the eyes and nose in red, which will make us go back, maybe it is not a good idea to get into its territory. An ideal design to place in your room, as a warning.

-If there is a design that shows us why he is called the king of the jungle, it is perhaps one that reminds us of a scene from the famous Lion King film, as in this image he appears slender on a large rock, roaring with fury.

-But it's not all about aggression, as we also have designs with the more tender side of lions, as he appears with the lioness together, even with the cubs frolicking with them.

Tiger wall murals, is another of the most elegant and spectacular felines there is, we also have several designs, in which they appear alone or with the cubs, as well as several murals in which the tigers are albinos, a beauty of nature.

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