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Fruit and Veg Wall Stickers (3)

Fantastic collection of children's fruits and vegetables wall stickers to decorate both the kitchen and the children's room, a bar, restaurant or a wine cellar. It can be a fun formula for the little ones of the house, who do not want to eat fruits and vegetables, to have a more witty approach to these foods. Choose from our fruit and veg stickers for kitchens such as bananas, oranges, pineapples or grapes, or we can offer you vegetables such as peppers, potatoes or garlic. All with a characterization with funny expressions as if they were cartoon characters.

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Fruits and vegetables are fundamental foods to consume daily since they provide a great amount of important nutrients for the good operation of the organism. Among their virtues we can highlight the most beneficial: they hydrate us, provide us with vitamins and minerals, are antioxidants, contain a lot of fiber and are low-fat foods. For all these reasons they are part of a proper diet and are one of the food pillars, especially in children, so we bring you this range of fruit and veg wall stickers for the kitchen.

The little ones of the house have to benefit especially from these healthy products, but it is not always easy to get them to eat them without a tantrum, so in MuralDecal we propose you to bring fruits and vegetables to our kids through a collection of children's stickers of fruits and vegetables for kitchen that will turn these super foods into something fun and everyday, making easier the lunch time and getting them familiar with them in a quick and simple way.

We have a wide repertoire of fruit and veggie wall stickers animated by the 3D artist Michel Agullo, with which to approach fruits and vegetables to our children in an accessible way. You can decorate your kitchen with plums, avocados, pumpkins or pineapples. Personalize their room with fun images of mushrooms, cucumbers, radishes or pickles.

Decorate with children's fruit wall decals such as nice figs, bananas, strawberries or melons. Label walls and ceilings with children's vegetables wall stickers such as friendly carrots, aubergines or endive. Grapes can look great on the wine rack, apples can look great next to ciders, coconuts and lemons can look great next to your combinations, and broccoli is a miniature tree that can look great next to our plants. The door of the fridge now becomes an ideal support for our entertaining peppers, watermelons or kiwis. Even the ground can be the best place for one of our garlic and potatoes, becoming a makeshift orchard.

Hundreds of different options for you to turn your home into a fun children's environment where learning and caring go hand in hand, making the routine of our environment a pleasant vegetable scenario. As we know that children are demanding customers, in MuralDecal we offer children's fruit and vegetables wall stickers all over the world, very adhesive, lacquered with protective varnish and easy to clean. Quality prints and durable materials. A product at the height of the smallest.

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