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Super Mario Bros Wall Stickers (42)

This is one of the funniest categories of MuralDecal, as you will find a wide variety of Mario Bros stickers. This is one of the most famous video games in the world. Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and produced by Nintendo for the legendary NES system in 1985.

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In MuralDecal we have a great variety of Mario stickers. Considered the first video game of lateral displacement platforms of the Nintendo. Choose several designs with the most suitable sizes and place them in the smallest room of the house or in your studio, forming some new adventure of the most famous plumber in the world in your own home.

Mario, always dressed in red and his brother Luigi in green, will have to advance through various worlds, overcoming a thousand obstacles, including castles with their guardian chiefs. They must face Bowser himself if they are to rescue Princess Peach.

Super Mario decals

Get hold of the most charismatic characters in the video game, you can find Mario Stickers in various poses, even with Yoshi and Luigi or with the raccoon power that allows him to fly. We also have the red mushrooms with which Mario, Toad, Princess Peach or the coveted Star grow. But on the other hand you will find his archenemy King Bowser and his henchmen, like the fearsome fire-spitting piranha plants, the octopus Blooper, the Erincho, Pinchón or Foo.

Place all these Super Mario stickers in your home and play the funniest game of Mario.

Mario wall stickers uk for everyone

No wonder that due to the worldwide success of Super Mario, many different games have emerged and continue to emerge over the years on new video game platforms. As well as other types of games such as the legendary Super Mario Kart stickers, crazy car racing games and Super Smash Bros. where the main characters of the most famous games will have to fight against each other.

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