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London Wall Stickers (35)

Discover our large collection of London wall stickers, showcasing the most charismatic and well-known designs and images from the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom, encompassing England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, is celebrated as the birthplace of William Shakespeare and the Beatles' early musical roots. This nation is also revered as the creator of football, with numerous teams boasting over a century of history and a rich cultural tradition in the sport.

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In our exclusive range, you'll find the best wall murals in London, stickers, and photo murals, each offering a unique glimpse into British culture and style. Whether you're seeking to infuse a touch of elegance into your home or capture the essence of the British spirit, our collection has something to suit every taste.

Our category of London and British wall stickers encompasses the most iconic and significant elements of the United Kingdom. From skyline silhouettes of London, featuring its most emblematic buildings and monuments, to typographic designs of London's main districts, our selection is vast and varied. These designs serve not only as decorative pieces but also as tributes to the rich history and heritage of the capital.

Among our special offerings are the wall stickers of the Beatles, capturing the timeless appeal of the most influential music group in history. For those who admire the iconic symbols of London, our London bus wall stickers and designs showcasing the classic Mini Cooper add a distinctively British flair to any space. Each sticker is a nod to the country's royal heritage and its deep-rooted adoration for cultural icons.

Our collection doesn't stop there. We also provide an array of color stickers featuring the British flag in various forms, the iconic subway logo, and some of the main coats of arms of the country's celebrated football teams.

However, what truly stands out in our collection are the eye-catching photomurals. The stark contrast of red phone booths and buses against black and white backgrounds creates a visually striking and characteristic design, ideal for enhancing any room in your home.

Another prominently featured element in our category is the Big Ben, a symbol of the capital, standing tall and unyielding against time. This 96-meter-high colossus, located on the northwest side of the Palace of Westminster, is immortalized in our range of stickers and murals.

In essence, our special category celebrates the uniqueness of a country known for its quirks, like driving in the left lane and the easy availability of chocolates and prepared products over fruits and vegetables in supermarkets. Yet, it's also a nation renowned for its punctuality, formality, and the extraordinary love for tea – a multicultural land that captivates everyone.

At MuralDecal, we aim to bring a piece of London into your home with our murals and wall stickers of London. With a vast array of designs available in 35 colors and various sizes, we invite you to give your home a distinctive touch, reflecting the charm and character of London.

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