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Wall Stickers Celebrities (58)

Collection of wall stickers celebrities who, in one way or another, are history within the world of music, film or science. These characters are very influential people who are no longer among us but the mark they leave either by their ability to interpret, their songs, their way of moving on stage do not leave anyone indifferent and have earned a place in the hearts of many people. As the saying goes, don't worry about the steps you take, but about the footprints you leave... and the protagonists of this category have left it.

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Within the category, there are wall sitckers famous people of myths that are of important people in the world of cinema. Who don't remember James Dean and his role in the movie Rebel Without a Cause, or the incredible stories of Indiana Jones. And what about the silent films of the great Charles Chaplin (Charlot).

In the music section there are several artists who have made us fly with their music and feel through a song things that were unknown until now. Unrepeatable artists like the voice Freddie Mercury or the mythical dance of Michael Jackson in Thriller, or what can we say about the Reggae songs sung by the great Bob Marley with that slow but happy rhythm.

Other wall stickers iconic characters you will find in this category are influential people who have left their mark or have marked a path to follow and have been the best in their field like the scientist Albert Einstein, the astronaut Yuri Gagarin who was the first human being to travel to outer space or the film director Alfred Hitchcock who gave us such a hard time with his horror films.

It is mandatory to name many more characters, the truth is that for the achievements they have made, they deserve to be named, what to say about the songs that John Lennon composed, the sweet melodies that Louis Amstong created with his inseparable trumpet, or the Sayonara Baby by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator II and how the great Audrey Hepburn conquered us with her beauty at breakfast with diamonds.

So we know that in this list you will find some of your idols, someone who motivates you or compares you in the day to day to improve, someone who you would like to spend some time with him, from here we can not offer this, but if his spectacular celebrity wall decals to remember and to be always with you. The decorative wall stickers celibrities are made with a lot of detail, with a lot of love because they are people who have marked a before and after and we also want to transmit that when creating this category.

Decorate the personal space of your home with a character that transmits confidence in yourself, whether by their exploits, motivations, films or songs. We have the best collection of wall sticketrs legends, myths and illustrious characters in different sizes so that they can be adapted as much as possible to your wall and are available in 35 colours.

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