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Circular Wall Stickers (96)

For a minimalist but effective decoration, we recommend our circular wall stickers. From simple shapes to elegant spirals, passing through bubbles, motifs, dots, concentric circle wall stickers, or symbols like the oriental Yin Yang. You can customize your wall with a method that covers a multitude of possibilities with the round wall stickers. Stamps, footballs or basketballs, symbols of the Empire or the Republic, dragons, or even vinyl kits of different circular models to create your own composition on the wall.

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96 vinyl(s) found | See 99 per page

At MuralDecal, we have a wide and assorted catalogue of polka dot wall stickers and round stickers to decorate your environment with style. We help you to find the most suitable personal touch for your space with this wide range of images transformed into decorative wall stickers circles. We strive to offer really attractive and always avant-garde products, adapted to the tastes of the general public with the most demanded designs in the market today. Round wall stickers of icons of yesterday and today are converted into artistic pieces that will decorate your walls, doors, windows, or the plate of your car. Any support is valid to personalize your way.

We have designs that are really in demand:

Wall sticker circles of the Vitruvian Man with its ideal proportions of the human body or the Fibonacci Spiral with its golden spiral.

A great variety in single and multi-colored mandalas.

Aviation badge wall stickers, emoticons, smiley, and circle and star kits.

Circle wall stickers related to cinema.

The symbol of the Jedi Order, the Galactic Empire, or the New Republic.

The Ghostbusters logo.

The logo of Jurassic Park.

Jules and Vincent (Pulp Fiction) pointing their guns.

Clothing brands in wall sticker circles like Adidas, Converse, Vans, Thrasher, Rip Curl, Santa Cruz, and Independent...

Circular wall stickers with music-related logos: Ramones, Linkin Park, The Who...

Circle stickers of consumer brands: Lucky Strike, Bacardi, Pepsi, Starbucks...

Try round wall stickers of our nuclear, atomic, or biohazard symbols to warn in style. How about our "I Love..." range to represent your favourite era, are you passionate about Harley Davidson? Get the word out with our assortment of American motorcycle brand stickers. Maybe a target to sharpen your aim? Or maybe a Yin Yang to reaffirm your balance, lover of the cosmos? With our NASA logo, you'll make a statement. Are you passionate about Celtic signs and runes? Decorate with an ancestral touch thanks to our Labars and Wakes.

These ideas and many more are the ones you can put into practice with the products that MuralDecal puts at your disposal, with the opportunity to choose among several colors, white circles, or stickers colors, sizes, or finishes so that the adaptation to the chosen support is optimal, and you can fit perfectly your purchases with your needs.

Create a distinguished atmosphere with minimalist, abstract, figurative, or emblematic elements, but always with good taste and knowing that our vinyls are of superior quality, with maximum print resolution, easy to wash, and really simple to install following our instructions. Remember that we are at your complete disposal by email to solve your doubts and that you can place your orders online with total security and comfort.

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