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Floor Stickers (37)

Welcome to this special category of floor stickers. Who said you could only decorate walls? In this category you can find the most diverse vinyl to decorate or place on the floor of your home, business or almost anywhere else.

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At MuralDecal we care about our customers and for them we make sure that all orders placed include quite simple instructions to place the products in the most correct way. In case you have any doubt or question you can contact us to solve all your doubts.

These products have an interesting characteristic and that is that they are laminated. We will explain it to you with pleasure:

The fact that a sticker is laminated means that it has a transparent protective layer, which has several positive points, such as vinyl to be placed on the floor, these are more prone to deterioration, as they will be stepped on or receive different types of impacts, which would damage the vinyl causing scratches in the print among others. These stickers are perfect for floor tiles. But with that protective layer we ensure that the life of the vinyl is prolonged and a lot.

If you have thought of renovating your kitchen or bathroom, but changing the tiles is too expensive, MuralDecal's kitchen or floor stickers for bathroom is one of the best quality/price options. You can choose from a wide variety of tiles. Of course, with the right lamination, you won't have to worry about coffee jumping on the front of the worktop or dropping it on the floor in the morning when you haven't woken up yet. Just wipe it with a damp cloth to remove the stain.

If you have a business and you want to place signage arrows or any other informative and, above all, non-slip decorative vinyl floor stickers as large surfaces such as Ikea or Amazon do, please contact us. Place arrows with the direction that the client should follow without getting lost, location of bathrooms, emergency exits or any other signage to consider. Or even to highlight offers.

We have all kinds of decorative vinyl stickers for kitchen and bathroom floors, with 3D effect for the smallest of the house, laminated, non-slip, with imitation wood or other materials.

Do not hesitate and get these floor tile stickers and you can enjoy all its advantages already mentioned. You have not tried yet? Now is the time!

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