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Wall Stickers Italy (48)

Discover our extensive collection of Roman and Italian decorative vinyls. This European country is a true showcase for home decoration. With Venice vinyls featuring its famous gondolas, Rome and all its ancient art, or the beautiful towns and landscapes of Tuscany represented in our wide catalog of photo murals, you'll give your home a new, elegant look. We also have designs related to its cuisine; famous pizzas or pasta have always been a hallmark of the Italian country, the birthplace of the prestigious Ferrari brand and classic Vespas.

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Italy is known for its diverse representative monuments, typical elements that distinguish this country from the rest. Cradle of the Renaissance and a melting pot of civilizations, Italy is undoubtedly one of the greatest cultural and tourist attractions in Europe, full of history and emblematic places. Apart from being a nation of empires, popes, mafias, and great battles, Italy has shaped itself over the centuries as the land of ancient art, fashion, cuisine, Opera, or theater. It is undoubtedly one of the jewels of the Mediterranean.

At MuralDecal, we offer you a series of Italian vinyls that pay tribute to this homeland and some of its most notable stereotypes. Enjoy its greatest architectural milestones like the Roman Colosseum, which hosted the great gladiator games and beast fights. Also, its unmistakable Leaning Tower of Pisa and its challenging tilt can be part of your environment with our range of vinyls in more than thirty colors.

We have typographic compositions that capture its most recognized gastronomic dishes like pizza or pasta, but also its places of worship like St. Peter's Basilica, the Pantheon, or the Trevi Fountain. Venice and its canals can also be enjoyed without the need to board a gondola with our beautiful images selected exclusively for you.

If speed is your passion, you cannot miss the Ferrari vinyls, such as the F430, the 288GTO, or the 599GTB, as well as its two emblematic Formula 1 circuits of high competition like Monza and Mugello. If you prefer to go a bit slower, we recommend our images of Vespas, one of the best-selling motorcycles in history, or perhaps a Mini Cooper like the ones used in the movie "The Italian Job".

If you're into "Calcio", we offer vinyls of the crests of the main Italian football clubs like Juve, Inter, or Milan.

And you can't miss our wide collection of national and regional flag stickers, we have a vast stock where you can find the flags of Lombardy, Sicily, Calabria, Piedmont, or Tuscany among many others.

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