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Wall Stickers of Framed Painting (10)

Discover our extensive collection of wall stickers framed painting. These 3D sticker paintings can transform any room in your home or even your workplace, including meeting rooms and entrances, enhancing their appearance and elegance. Say goodbye to empty and lifeless walls with these framed painting effect stickers.

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10 vinyl(s) found | See 99 per page

Our range includes themes from famous works of art (such as Klimt's Kiss and Galatea's Triumph), iconic photographs (The Kiss in Times Square and Workers Having Lunch on the Beam), stunning cities (New York's skyscrapers and the Eiffel Tower), and breathtaking landscapes and seascapes.

These stickers wall paintings will breathe life into the walls of your home, office, or meeting room, making them vibrant and leaving a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.

Experience the ease of decorating with our self-adhesive framed painting featuring spectacular images. Simulating paintings or framed photos, they offer a simple yet effective way to enhance your living or working environment. The 3D effect adds a serious yet striking character to any room, making it more inviting for you and your visitors.

Designed with precision, our wall stickers framed painting ensure that the frame completes the image, adding regularity and form to the printed artwork.

-Sticker picture frames for living rooms.

-Sticker frames for the dining room.

-Sticker frames for the kitchen.

Forget about the high cost and hassle of hanging traditional pictures. MuralDecal simplifies the process with our self-adhesive framed painting products, allowing you to avoid messy installations and still achieve the same aesthetic effect at a lower cost.

We prioritize quality, using only the best materials and ensuring that the print captures the essence of a real painting.

If you ever decide to change your decor, removing our wall stickers framed painting is easy and damage-free, leaving no residue behind.

Should you have any questions or wish to customize your stickers, our team of graphic designers is ready to turn your idea into a stunning final product with framed painting effect stickers. We carefully adjust the measurements to ensure proportionality and preserve every detail and color quality. Enhance your space with MuralDecal's self-adhesive framed painting today.

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