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Stickers Floor Stickers Covid-19 (52)

The coronavirus has been a hard blow for everyone, from Muraldecal first of all we want to send you a lot of encouragement and strength in this hard time that we have to live, and also present a new collection of Floor Stickers Social Distancing Covid-19 to help you in this new normal and that safety distances are respected because everyone's health is the most important thing right now.

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In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, many businesses must take extreme security and hygiene measures to combat the spread and spread of this disease. As Covid-19 lockdown restrictions begin to ease, many businesses are faced with the challenge of continuing or restarting operations while complying with social distancing measures. With our coronavirus floor stickers we want to help you to make the return to the new normal as comfortable as possible.

It is a new collection of coronavirus emergency floor stickers so that customers who visit your business feel informed at all times, feel protected and comfortable, as well as indicate how they should maintain a safety distance inside your store, business, social center, bar, restaurant ...

These coronavirus floor adhesives are made with a full color digital printing with an incredible result and are laminated with a high quality anti-slip and anti-scratch film to prevent anyone from slipping, they are also made with a highly resistant vinyl to rubbing and shocks. They are very easy to clean, you just have to use soapy water or if you want to disinfect, you can do it with a cloth and alcohol and you will have them as new. We have different models of coronavirus floor stickers of rectangular and square shapes with the appropriate security colors to attract the attention of the customer who visits your business or store and thus can respect the rules without any problem.

Its installation does not have any difficulty, but we do want to highlight and remember that when placing them it is very important to put them as indicated by the health department, that is, with a distance of not less than a meter and a half between the stickers safety distance .

The characteristics of this material together with the laminate allow it to be glued on the desired surface (stoneware, marble, terrazzo, flooring, parquet ...) and we recommend that when laying the surface where it is to be place the adhesive completely clean and dry to obtain a perfect and long-lasting result.

Another feature to highlight is that for each model we have different sizes ranging from 80 cm wide by 8 cm high the smallest to 130 cm wide by 13 cm high the largest thus offering a wide assortment of measurements trying to have the one that best suits the one you need. On the sticker information page you also have the option to choose the number of stickers you need.

From Muraldecal we want to help you, protect your business with these laminated vinyls and stickers for floors COVID19 because this coronavirus we are convinced that we are going to defeat it together.

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